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Whether you are a middle school student or someone working towards your PhD, you have probably found yourself in a situation where you just want to shout “Write my essay for me” more than once. As a modern student, you are expected to do exorbitant amounts of work every day, and while you can try your best, it’s not always possible.

You can have the most understanding professor who genuinely feels for his students and doesn’t want to make their lives more complicated than they already are, but the one thing most professors don’t seem to understand is that a typical student is dealing with dozens of different assignments for different subjects at the same time.

So are you completely out of options or is there a way to keep your grades from going downhill while having enough time to enjoy the more pleasant aspects of being a student? You will be delighted to know that there is a shortcut to your academic success that does not require you to spend a single minute on an assignment and still get a flawlessly written essay in the end. Here is everything you need to know about “Write my essay” services.

Your “Write My Essay For Me” Plea Is Finally Answered

Before now, you didn’t really have a lot of options when it came to struggling with academic assignments. You could tell your professor “Help me write my essay”, but professors are usually very busy and can only give you the general guidelines, not provide actual help with writing. You could say the same to your friends, but they often turn out to be just as overwhelmed and clueless as you are. Finally, there is an option to spend one or two sleepless nights over the books — you would get a self-written essay in the end, but at what cost?

Considering all of this, we truly believe that “write my essay for me” services are a real lifesaver for a modern student. With a reliable writing service as your trusted assistant, you can dedicate time to other tasks, prepare for an important exam, take an extra shift at work, catch up on your sleep, or even spend time with your friends. In other words, being able to just say “Write my essay” to someone has a positive effect on your life in general, not just your academic progress in particular.

Is It Legal To Use “Write My Essay” Services?

Why wouldn’t it be? When you are paying someone to do your academic assignment, you are not paying for the essay itself as much as you are paying for a professional writer to show you how it’s done. There is nothing stopping you from taking the essay you received from a writing service and making some changes to it to make it look like your own writing.

The only thing you need to worry about when ordering a paper from an online writing service is whether it is completely original. The anti-plagiarism software, which is commonly used in schools, is getting more advanced by the minute, which is why your professor will instantly know if your work is plagiarized from other sources. The only way to avoid it is to work with a reputable “write my essay” service.

What Do All Good “Write My Essay” Services Have In Common?

As the popularity of “write my essay for money” services continues to grow, the number and variety of those services is also getting bigger. These days, you can find numerous companies offering to write your essay for you. However, not all of those services are created equal, and when you go for the first available “write my essay” service, you risk facing some unwanted consequences. Here are 5 features that should be present in any reputable essay writing service.

Custom writing

This is the thing that can make or break your whole essay. A paper copied from several other sources without any changes won’t bring you nothing but disappointment and the disdain of your professor should the plagiarism be eventually uncovered. A good writing service will always write every paper from scratch, properly format the references, and never allow even the tiniest fragments of plagiarized text to make it into the final draft of the essay.

Variety of formats

There are thousands of schools around the country and even more professors, with each professor having his own demands and preferences when it comes to formatting the essays. When accepting your order, a writing service should also ask you for your preferred format, and then it should format your paper to perfection. Even if your formatting demands may seem unusual at first, a reliable service will always follow them to the smallest detail.

On-time delivery

You may have the most impressive piece of writing on your hands, but it won’t be worth much if it’s not submitted on time. Most professors are very particular about their deadlines and will find a way to punish you for a late submission. A trustworthy “write my essay” company should do their best to prevent that from happening by following the deadline you set when placing your order or refusing to even accept it if your preferred deadline is unrealistic.

Impeccable writing

Even though the formatting of your paper will play an important role in your grade, it’s your writing that will be judged the most by your professor. To ensure the highest quality of writing, a reputable writing service will not only hire the most experienced and talented essay writers, but will also have an editing team in place. The in-house editors will polish every paper, check the vocabulary and grammar, and make the paper look simply perfect.

Reasonable prices

We understand your urge to say “write my essay for me cheap” and go for the service that offers the lowest rates, but this strategy will hardly pay off. The prices set by a writing service should be reasonable instead of just low. The lowest prices typically mean questionable quality of writing and possible missed deadlines, and you definitely don’t want that to happen. Monitoring the market to see the average prices is a smart way to know when you are paying a reasonable rate.

Tell Us “Help Me Write My Essay” And We Will Do Our Best

Here at CoolEssays, we have spent the last decade giving a helping hand to students who need it the most. Our writing service specializes in all kinds of essays and we are convinced that we have everything it takes to become your go-to “write my essay” destination. We have already helped thousands of students and our experience allows us to do the best possible job even for the most complex assignments.

The reason why we are so confident in our abilities to help any student and deliver strong writing in any situation is because we have spent years creating the most flawless team of writers and editors. Each writer and editor working for our service not only has at least one degree and impeccable credentials, but also a true talent and passion for writing. Our writers don’t create miracles; they simply do what they do best, and that happens to be writing essays and other papers for students of all academic levels.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Service

On one hand, it may look like CoolEssays is just one of the many write my essay services that promise to solve your study problems. On the other hand, we did not found CoolEssays just to be another mediocre essay writing service. When you order your essay from us, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • We take a personalized approach to each order. Our writers never use pre-written fragments or templates in their work. Each paper is created absolutely from scratch and we urge our customers to include as many details with their order as possible. We can even mimic your writing style if you provide us with some of your writing samples. All of this is done to make your essay absolutely unique and prevent it from looking like a generic piece of writing.
  • We keep our services affordable for you. As former students ourselves, we are well aware of the fact that most students operate on a very tight budget and don’t have a lot of money to spend on “write my essay for me” services. That is why we believe we have found the perfect balance between the desire to help as many customers as possible and help our writers and editors make a living. Our prices are affordable, flexible, and slightly lower than the rates of our competitors.
  • We are interested in your academic success. Most other “pay to write my essay” services are only focused on making a quick profit from the struggles of their customers. They don’t care very much about the quality of their work or the satisfaction of the students. However, things are different with us. Most of all, we want you to be happy with the work we do for you. That is why we have generous revision and refund policies to keep you satisfied.

Can You Write My Essay Today?

When you know you are not alone in your quest for good grades and academic reputation, every task becomes slightly less challenging. Whenever you run into trouble trying to finish your essay or need help because you don’t have enough time to do the assignment on your own, our writing service is here to assist you. Simply contact us with a brief description of your problem or fill out our order form to have one of our qualified writers begin working on your assignment immediately!