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In the eyes of the people who were students one or more decades ago, the years of studying are viewed as the most thrilling and memorable years of a person’s life. And while, for the most part, it’s absolutely true and you probably wouldn’t trade your student experience for anything else, sometimes it becomes too much to handle.

If you ask any current student what’s the hardest thing about going to school or college, they will probably answer that it’s the never-ending avalanche of written assignments that they are expected to complete every week. It seems like professors are in a competition of who can assign the biggest task to their students. Obviously, there is no real way a regular student can do all of that without sacrificing another important aspect of their lives.

The good news is that the perfect solution to this problem exists and has existed for years. Essay writing services are online companies where professional writers can help you deal with the constant stress of writing essays. But how exactly can an essay writing service help you succeed in your studies, what are the signs of a professional essay writing service, and how does it all work? Here is everything you need to know.

How Can Essay Writing Services Help You?

If you are a first-time customer thinking about ordering an essay from an essay writing service, it’s perfectly normal for you to have some doubts about this decision. However, we are convinced that ordering a custom essay from a top essay writing service is one of the best steps you can take for your academic career for the following reasons.

You get to save time

Time management is one of the biggest problems for modern students: most of the time, it’s downright impossible to fit everything into an already tight schedule. Having a professional writer do your essay for you helps you save time that you can spend on catching up on other subjects, preparing for exams, or focusing on another important assignment: for example, writing an admission essay to your dream school.

You can do what matters the most

In the unending quest to be a diligent student with an impeccable reputation, you can forget about the more important things in life. Friendships, personal life, work, and even sleep can be easily sacrificed to your studies without you noticing until it’s too late, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Working with a professional essay writing service is a small price to pay for your social and personal freedom.

You increase your chances of success

Even the most brilliant student cannot be fully sure in the quality of his writing and the outcome of the assignment. Spending all that time working on a paper and receiving a mediocre grade in the end has got to be one of the most frustrating experiences as a student. Luckily, there is an easy way to increase the possibility of success by ordering your paper online. The best essay writing service has the most experienced and knowledgeable writers who will do the most satisfying job for you.

How To Find An Essay Writing Service That Will Suit Your Needs

If you type “essay writing service” into your favorite search engine, you will probably see hundreds of search results with writing services claiming to be the best, cheapest, or most popular ones. However, not all of those services can be equally good for your academic progress. Before making a choice in favor of an essay writing service, make sure to consider the following five features:

  • Custom writing. In order to easily pass any plagiarism test, your paper needs to be done completely from scratch.
  • On-time delivery. When you specify the deadline for your order, you should be able to expect your paper to be done on time.
  • Personalized approach. An essay writing service does not need to use any pre-written fragments or templates in your paper.
  • Urgent orders. When you are in a hurry, an urgent essay writing service should be able to complete your assignment in under 24 hours.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. Free revisions and money back guarantee are just some of the ways for writing services to gain the trust of their customers.

How Does A Custom Essay Writing Service Work?

Even though the most popular college essay writing services help thousands of students every month each, some students are lucky enough to have never used outside help with their assignments until now. If you are one of those students and are only now facing the need to order your essay from a paper, we can only congratulate you: it means that you have been able to do everything by yourself during all this time. But if you are finding yourself in need of professional assistance right now, here is how the typical process of ordering from a online essay writing service usually goes.

  1. You place your order on the site. You will be asked to provide as many specifics about your assignment as possible: not just the word count and topic of the paper, but also any additional details your professor has given you and anything you feel might be relevant for the successful end result.
  2. Your order is assigned to the writer. Depending on the system employed by your essay writing service of choice, your order may be assigned automatically, by the customer support representative, or you may even be able to choose your own writer if you’ve worked with him before and enjoyed the result of your cooperation.
  3. The writer works on your assignment. During this time, you should fully expect to be able to contact the writer through customer support or directly to get the updates about the progress of your essay. The writer may also contact you if there is a need for additional information from you.
  4. The editor checks the paper. Once the writer is done with the assignment, it is then transferred to the in-house editor who tests the paper for plagiarism and polishes the writing to bring it to the necessary standard.
  5. You receive your order. As soon as the paper is checked by the editor, the final draft of the assignment is delivered to your email inbox and you can check it to make sure it meets your expectations. If everything is up to your liking, you can download the paper, put your own name on it, and submit it to your professor.

Our Professional Essay Writing Service Is Here For You

CoolEssays is one of the leading professional essay writing services that operate today. We founded our company years ago with a simple premise of helping as many students as possible overcome the unbearable volume of work they are expected to do on a daily basis. We believe that modern students are often treated unfairly and as if there is nothing else going on in their lives besides studying, and we want to help them whichever way possible.

We call ourselves a college essay writing service, but in reality, we can do much more for you than that. Our list of available services is too big to fit on one page, and whatever you are currently dealing with, you can rest assured we can help you with that. Our goal is to become your one-stop-shop in everything concerning your education, and we believe we have everything it takes to become indispensable to you.

Why You Should Choose Our Essay Writing Service

We are not the first or only essay writing service offering professional help to struggling students, but we have every reason to believe your chances of success are at their highest when you work with us. Here are just three reasons why you are guaranteed to enjoy your experience of ordering a custom essay from our writing service.

We can do anything for you

Our range of services is very comprehensive and we are convinced you will easily find what you are looking for on our site. Even if not, we are always open to hearing from you about your academic needs. Whether you want any kind of paper to be written from scratch, need help with a part of your assignment, or simply want someone to edit your paper professionally and bring it to perfection, we have got you covered.

Our services are budget-friendly

We don’t claim to be a cheap essay writing service, because the cheapest writing services usually deliver a disappointing quality of writing and do not assume any responsibilities for your success. However, we constantly monitor the market to keep our prices slightly lower than average: it allows us to help as many customers as possible without sacrificing the quality of our work or the well-being of our writers.

We want to help you succeed

We didn’t launch CoolEssays just to make a profit off of students who struggle with academic assignments. Our ultimate goal is to help anyone who is affected by the growing demands of professors to manage the workload efficiently and without making any major sacrifices. Nothing makes us happier than our customers going back to our site to say “Thank you” for the work we’ve done for them or to order another assignment.

Who Will Write Your Essay At Our Essay Writing Service

There are many reasons why we would consider ourselves to be the best college essay writing service you can find, but the most important one of them is our writing team. We have spent years recruiting the leading academic writers of the internet and we are very proud of what we have achieved.

Our team of writers consists exclusively of native English speakers who have at least one degree under our belt. Some of our writers are also studying at the moment, working on the second or even third degree. More importantly, each one of our writers has a passion and a talent for academic writing. They are perfectly aware of the requirements schools have for their students and they are prepared to do anything it takes to help you reach academic success.

Is It Illegal To Use Essay Writing Services?

Not at all! When you are ordering an essay or another academic assignment from a trusted source, you essentially hire a tutor who will help you with your paper. You are not required to submit the paper exactly as it is — you can make any alterations you need while keeping the content of the essay original. In fact, many students order papers from a custom essay writing service just to see what a proper college paper should look like, and they then use the formatting and writing cues they learned from that paper in their other assignments.

Try Our Essay Writing Service Today

If you want to get an essay that will not only meet, but also exceed your expectations, you cannot go wrong with CoolEssays. Our customer support, writers, and editors work day and night to deliver the highest quality of service to students like you. Even if it seems that your essay assignment is too complex or the deadline is too close, don’t give up until you reach out to us. Together with you, our pro essay writing service will find just the right solution!